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John Wick Hex PC Game is a 2019 role-playing tactical video game. Bithell Games was developed and Good Shepherd Entertainment published this game established on the John Wick franchise. This game was released for Microsoft Windows & macOS on 8th October 2019. Later on 5 May 2020, the game was released PlayStation 4. Also, on 4th December 2020 released the game for the Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

John Wick Hex PC Game

The turn-based action/strategy game John Wick Hex puts you in the shoes of Keanu Reeves' stylish & indestructible killing machine, where a man who is always ready, willing, & more than capable to punch, shoot, kick, and fling his gunpoint to the heads of as many bad guys as it required to accomplish the bidding for the High level of Assassins.

There're some really cool ideas and a clever time-manipulation technician at the heart of this one that can make you feel like you're participating in carefully choreographed battle sequences directly out of the films. However, the game's mechanics aren't always reliable, the character animations are bad, and there isn't much variety across its seven somewhat repetitive levels.

The plot of this novel is well-connected to the John Wick films event, and fans will undoubtedly be pleased to see that Ian McShane & Lance Reddick will reprise their positions as Charon & Winston. Additionally, Troy Baker will join in the fun as Hex, a vengeful man who has a bloody dispute to settle. All of it is told through cutscenes reminiscent of a graphic novel that are placed between each of the levels of action-packed. Although they don't really do anything new or unexpected, the fact that actors from the films lend their votes to the story gives it an air of authenticity, & Austin Wintory's game score does an excellent job of establishing the right mood.

In comic book style, there are cutscenes and movie replays, John Wick's face is frozen in a committed, stoic glower that is in character but still appears stiff to Keanu Reeves. While Ian McShane & Lance Reddick reproduce their parts as Winston & Charon, Keanu himself must have been too occupied with Cyberpunk 2077 to emerge here, so he lets his weapons and fists speak for themselves. Instead, one of the best parts of John Wick Hex is the prequel story that Troy Baker tells about the power-hungry rebel assassin Hex. Most of the time, the dialogue is more useful than in the movies, & the score by Austin Wintory arranges a strong tone.

There are definitely times when you have to fight your way via the linear sequence of levels. It's not turn-situated in the conventional feeling of the term: Instead, whenever you finish a move or activity on the map based on the hex, time stops or spot a new foe, giving you ample time to make a decision that would normally take a split second.

It's a really cool system in some cases: You can nearly always indicate how a battle will go by utilizing the timeline at the lid of the screen, which shows how elongated your next step will take in relation to the next efforts of all visible enemies. It feels great to successfully eliminate a group of 3 or 4 attackers operating a series of melee strikes, gunshots, and evasions. Even better is taking out the last person by shooting him with an empty gun, which is a quick attack with a prolonged effective coverage than a shotgun.

John Wick Hex PC Game

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