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Buy Animal Crossing Bells (ACNH Bells) From Nookmart

Bells are the primary currency used in the Animal Crossing game series. You can use Bells to purchase various items, furniture, clothing, and tools in the game, as well as pay off your in-game loans. The best place to Buy Bells Animal Crossing is Nookmart.

Buy Animal Crossing Bells (ACNH Bells) From Nookmart

One way to earn Bells in Animal Crossing is to sell items that you have collected, such as fish, bugs, and fruits. You can also sell items that you have crafted or duplicated. Another way to earn Bells is by completing tasks for other villagers, participating in events and competitions, or playing the stock market with turnips. Additionally, you can also trade items or Bells with other players online or use Amiibo cards to invite special characters to your island, which may increase the value of your items.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), Bells are the main currency used to buy items, furniture, clothing, and other things from various vendors and shops on your island. Here are some ways to earn Bells in ACNH:

Selling items: You can sell items that you collect, such as fish, bugs, shells, and fruits, to Nook's Cranny, Resident Services, or other vendors for Bells.

Completing tasks: You can complete tasks for other villagers or participate in events to earn rewards, including Bells.

Playing the stalk market: You can buy turnips from Daisy Mae on Sundays and sell them at a higher price during the week to make a profit.

Crafting and selling: You can craft items and sell them to other players or vendors for Bells.

Trading with other players: You can trade items or Bells with other players online.

Remember , so it's important to enjoy the game and not rush the process.

Buy Bells for ACNH - In ACNH, the best way to earn Bells is to play the game normally and participate in the various activities available. You can catch fish, bugs, and sea creatures, dig up fossils, gather fruit and shells, complete tasks for your villagers, and participate in events to earn Bells. Additionally, you can also sell crafted items, turnips, and trade with other players to earn more Bells.

Remember that earning Bells takes time and effort. But, playing the game and earning Bells through legitimate means is part of the fun and challenge of ACNH. It's important to enjoy the game and not rush the process.

I can give you some general information on what features to look for if you decide to use such a service.

Secure Payment: Look for a platform that offers secure payment options to protect your personal information and financial details.

Fast Delivery: The platform should offer fast and reliable delivery of the purchased Bells to your account.

Competitive Pricing: Compare pricing across different platforms to ensure that you get a fair deal for the Bells you purchase.

Customer Support: Check if the platform offers good customer support to address any issues that may arise during or after your purchase.

Earning Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) provides various benefits that can enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some benefits of having Bells in ACNH:

Purchase Items: Bells are used in the game as the primary currency to buy various items, clothing, furniture, tools, & other things from shops and vendors on your island.

Upgrade Your House: Bells can be used for paying off in-game loans to Tom Nook and upgrading your house or expanding it with additional rooms, which allows you to have more space to decorate and store your items.

Build Infrastructure: You can also use Bells to build infrastructure such as bridges and inclines, which make it easier to move around your island.

Customize Your Island: Bells allows you to customize your island by buying landscaping items, such as fences, flowers, and trees, to create a unique and personalized environment.

Trading: You can trade Bells or items with other online players, which can help you acquire items you need or want for your island.

Puyo Puyo Champions PC Game Download From Torrent

Puyo Puyo Champions is a puzzle video game developed by Sega. It is the latest installment in the Puyo Puyo series, which has been popular in Japan since its debut in 1991.

Puyo Puyo Champions PC Game

The gameplay of Puyo Puyo Champions is centered around dropping pairs of colored blobs called Puyos onto a board, and matching them up to clear them. The game can be played against an AI opponent, a friend in local multiplayer, or online against players from around the world.

The goal of the game is to outlast the opponent by causing "chain reactions," which occur when clearing Puyos causes others to fall into place and clear as well. The larger the chain reaction, the more difficult it becomes for the opponent to keep up.

The game features a variety of modes, including a ranked online mode, a local versus mode, and a tournament mode. Players can also customize their experience by adjusting game speed, difficulty, and other settings.

Puyo Puyo Champions has been praised for its fast-paced gameplay, competitive online mode, and colorful graphics. It is a great game for puzzle fans and those looking for a fun and challenging multiplayer experience.


In Puyo Puyo Champions, the gameplay involves matching colored blobs called Puyos to create chain reactions and score points. The player controls a pair of Puyos that they can drop onto the game board, and the goal is to create chains that clear more Puyos than the opponent.

The basic gameplay involves dropping pairs of Puyos onto the game board and matching up four or more of the same color to clear them. Once Puyos are cleared, any Puyos above them will fall down, and if they create more matches, a chain reaction occurs. Chain reactions can be used to send "garbage" Puyos to the opponent's board, which can be difficult to clear and can disrupt their game.

Puyo Puyo Champions features a variety of gameplay modes, including the classic "Endless Fever" mode, where players try to survive as long as possible against an increasing difficulty level, and "Swap" mode, where players must switch between two pairs of Puyos to create chains. The game also features an online mode, where players can compete against others from around the world.

In addition to the basic gameplay mechanics, Puyo Puyo Champions features a variety of special moves and power-ups that can be used to gain an advantage over the opponent. For example, players can use a "garbage counter" to see how many garbage Puyos they will receive from the opponent, or use special attacks to disrupt the opponent's game.

Overall, Puyo Puyo Champions is a fast-paced and engaging puzzle game that requires quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and a bit of luck to win. Its colorful graphics and competitive gameplay make it a great choice for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Puyo Puyo Champions PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-6100 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible sound card

It's important to note that these are the minimum requirements, and the game may run slowly or with reduced graphical quality on machines that just meet these specifications. For a better experience, it is recommended to have a more powerful system that meets or exceeds the recommended system requirements.

Puyo Puyo Champions PC Game
Size: 1 GB

Battle Brothers PC Game Download From Torrent

Battle Brothers is a turn-based tactical RPG developed and published by Overhype Studios. The game is set in a medieval low-fantasy world where players take control of a mercenary company, managing contracts, recruiting new members, and leading battles against various enemies.

Battle Brothers PC Game


The gameplay is split into two main components: the strategic layer and the tactical layer. In the strategic layer, players manage their mercenary company by hiring new members, equipping them with weapons and armor, and taking on contracts to earn money and reputation. Reputation is important, as it affects how much money the company can earn from contracts and how well they are perceived by the various factions in the game.

In the tactical layer, players take part in turn-based battles against various enemies, including bandits, undead, and monsters. Battles take place on a hex-based grid, and players must position their mercenaries carefully to take advantage of cover and terrain. Each mercenary has its own set of skills and abilities, and players must use them strategically to defeat their opponents.

The game features a permadeath mechanic, meaning that if a mercenary dies in battle, they are gone for good. This adds an extra layer of challenge and makes each battle feel important. Additionally, the game features a dynamic world that changes over time, with factions warring against each other and events occurring that can have an impact on the player's mercenary company.

Overall, Battle Brothers is a challenging and rewarding tactical RPG that offers a lot of replay value. With its deep mechanics, engaging gameplay, and excellent presentation, it's a must-play for fans of the genre.

Game Story

The story of Battle Brothers takes place in a medieval low-fantasy world, where the player takes control of a mercenary company. The game's narrative is delivered through a series of contracts that the player can take on, each with their own backstory and context.

As the leader of a mercenary company, the player's ultimate goal is to make a name for themselves and earn as much money and reputation as possible. The game features a new dynamic world where factions war against each other, & events occur that can have a significant impact on the mercenary company players.

Throughout the game, the player will encounter various enemies, and bandits, including, undead, and monsters, each with their own unique backstory and motivations. The battles are intense and challenging, requiring careful positioning and strategic use of skills & abilities.

As the player progresses through the game, they will encounter powerful enemy factions and bosses, each with their own unique story and lore. These encounters serve as climactic battles that test the player's skills and provide a sense of progression and accomplishment.

Overall, while Battle Brothers doesn't have a traditional narrative in the sense of a linear story, its dynamic world and engaging contracts provide an immersive and satisfying experience that keeps players engaged throughout the game.

The player can recruit new members from various backgrounds, each with players own unique set of skills & abilities. These include ranged and melee fighters, healers, and even characters with special abilities such as the ability to calm animals or detect hidden objects.

Contracts are the primary source of income in the game, and they can range from simple tasks like escorting a caravan to more complex objectives such as raiding enemy camps or rescuing hostages. Completing contracts will reward the player with money, loot, and reputation, which can be used to hire more mercenaries and upgrade equipment.

Combat is brutal and unforgiving, with a permadeath mechanic that means if a mercenary in battle dies, they are gone for better. Players must manage their resources carefully, including weapons, armor, and medical supplies, as well as the morale of their troops.

Overall, Battle Brothers offer a deep and engaging gameplay experience that rewards careful strategy and tactical thinking. With its challenging combat, dynamic world, and extensive customization options, for fans, it's a must-play of the turn-based RPG genre.

Battle Brothers PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or equivalent AMD Athlon 64 2.0 GHz processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card with 512MB of RAM, DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card
  • Additional Notes: Screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher

Please note that these are the minimum requirements, and the game may run poorly on systems that just meet these requirements. For the best experience, it's recommended to have a system that exceeds these minimum requirements.

Battle Brothers PC Game
Size: 1 GB


Sniper Elite V2 Remastered PC Game Download From Torrent

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is a remastered version of the 2012 tactical shooter video game Sniper Elite V2. It features updated graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and additional content such as new playable characters and weapons. The game follows an American OSS agent as he battles Nazi forces in Berlin during the final days of World War II. The game is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered PC Game

In 2019 the remastered version of Sniper Elite V2 was released for multiple platforms & features updated graphics, additional multiplayer modes and new playable characters. The game is set in World War II and follows the story of an American OSS agent who must complete missions in Berlin, Germany. The game is known for its focus on sniping mechanics, including bullet trajectory and wind resistance, and its graphic kill cam, which shows an X-ray view of a successful sniper shot.


In Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, players take on the role of an American OSS agent named Karl Fairburne, who is tasked with completing a variety of missions in Germany during the final days of the Second World War. The gameplay primarily focuses on sniping mechanics, bullet trajectory, wind resistance, and scope sway, as well as stealth and tactical gameplay.

The game features a campaign mode with 11 missions, each of which has multiple objectives and can be completed in a variety of ways. Players must carefully plan their approach and take advantage of the environment and their equipment to complete their objectives and avoid detection by enemy forces.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered also features a variety of multiplayer modes, including co-op, competitive, and survival modes, as well as a new photo mode that allows players to capture and share their favorite moments from the game. The game's signature feature is the graphic kill cam. It shows an X-ray view of a thriving sniper shot, highlighting the damage done to the target's body.


Sniper Elite V2 Remastered was developed and published by Rebellion Developments. The original Sniper Elite V2 game was released in 2012 and was a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies. Rebellion Developments decided to remaster the game for modern platforms, including the Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One.

The remastered version features updated graphics, also improved lighting, and new playable characters. The developers also added additional content, including new multiplayer modes, weapons, and characters.

The game was released on May 14, 2019, to positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It was praised for its improved graphics and updated features, as well as the game's focus on tactical sniping mechanics and the graphic kill-cam.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i3-2100 or AMD A8-5600K
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5570 (1GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (1GB)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB available space

Please note that these are the minimum system requirements, and the game may run better with a more powerful PC. Additionally, the requirements may vary depending on your specific hardware and operating system configuration.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered PC Game
Size: 11 GB

My Friend Pedro PC Game Download From Torrent

My Friend Pedro PC Game is a side-scrolling shooter game developed by DeadToast Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital. The game features a mix of gunplay and acrobatics, allowing players to perform stylish stunts and slow down time to dodge bullets. It has a story campaign mode and a challenge mode with various objectives and difficulty levels. The game received generally positive reviews, with critics praising its fast-paced action, fluid gameplay, and creative level design. It received a score of 80 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 50 critic reviews.

My Friend Pedro PC Game

This game allows players to perform a variety of acrobatic stunts while using guns to take down enemies. The game features a story campaign mode as well as a challenge mode, where players can compete for high scores and complete various objectives. The PC version of the game has received positive reviews. In addition, critics praise its smooth and satisfying gameplay, imaginative level design, and fun sense of humor. It is available on Steam and other digital platforms.


In My Friend Pedro, players control a character who can perform a variety of acrobatic stunts, such as flips, wall jumps, and rolls, while using guns to defeat enemies. The game is presented from a side-scrolling perspective, with each level containing a mix of platforming challenges and combat encounters. Players can slow down time to perform precise aiming and dodge bullets.

As the game progresses, the levels become more complex, requiring players to use their acrobatic abilities and combat skills to navigate through various hazards and defeat tougher enemies, including bosses. The game also features a scoring system that rewards players for stylish and creative skills, such as shooting enemies while jumping or ricocheting bullets off surfaces.

The game's campaign mode has a mix of story-driven and standalone levels, while the challenge mode offers various types of challenges with different objectives, such as time trials and survival modes. Throughout the game, players are guided by a sentient banana named Pedro, who provides humorous commentary and advice.


My Friend Pedro was primarily developed for PC (Microsoft Windows) by a solo developer, Victor Agren, using GameMaker Studio 2 game engine. The game development took approximately four years, during which Victor created the game's design, art, programming, and music. After the game's release, it received critical acclaim for its fluid and acrobatic gameplay, creative level design, and distinctive visual style.

The game was developed using the Unity game engine for both the PC and Nintendo Switch platforms. The game's development was primarily done by a solo developer, Victor Agren, with some additional support from a small team of artists and composers. The game's development took about four years and involved a lot of experimentation with gameplay mechanics and level design to create the game's unique blend of acrobatic action and bullet-time shooting.

My Friend Pedro PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-530 (2.9 GHz) or AMD Athlon II X3 460 (3.4 GHz)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 630 or AMD Radeon HD 6570
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

Note that these are just the minimum requirements and the game may not run optimally on systems that just meet these specifications. For the best experience, it is recommended to have a more powerful system.

My Friend Pedro PC Game
Size: 1 GB


Remnant: From the Ashes PC Game Download From Torrent

Remnant: From the Ashes PC Game is a third-person survival action shooter video game developed by Gunfire Games and published by Perfect World Entertainment. The game was released in August 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Remnant: From the Ashes PC Game

In "Remnant: From the Ashes," players are transported to a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangerous creatures and limited resources. Players must explore a variety of environments, defeat enemies, and gather resources in order to progress through the game. The game features a unique weapon crafting system, where players can create and upgrade weapons to suit their playstyle.

The game also features cooperative multiplayer, allowing players to join forces with friends to tackle the game's challenging content. "Remnant: From the Ashes" has been well received by players and critics, who praise the game for its challenging gameplay, well-designed levels, and engaging storyline.

Overall, "Remnant: From the Ashes" is an action-packed survival shooter that offers a unique and challenging experience for players looking for a new twist on the post-apocalyptic genre.


The gameplay revolves around several key elements:

Exploration: Players must explore the game's environments to gather resources, defeat enemies, and find new weapons and upgrades. The game features procedurally generated levels, meaning that each play-through offers a unique experience.

Combat: Players must engage in intense, fast-paced combat against a variety of enemies, including both human and monstrous creatures. The game features a wide range of weapons, including shotguns, rifles, and melee weapons, as well as special abilities that players can use to defeat their foes.

Weapon Crafting: Players can gather resources to create and upgrade their weapons, allowing them to tailor their weapons to suit their playstyle.

Co-op Multiplayer: "Remnant: From the Ashes" features a cooperative multiplayer mode that allows you to join forces with your friends to tackle the video game's challenging content.

Boss Battles: The game features a variety of challenging boss battles, where players must use their weapons and abilities to defeat powerful foes.

In addition, this game offers a unique & challenging experience for gamers looking for a reinvigorated twist on the survival action shooter genre. The game's combination of fast-paced combat, exploration, and weapon crafting makes for an engaging and enjoyable experience.


The development of "Remnant: From the Ashes" was led by a team of experienced video game developers who had previously worked on games such as "Darksiders," "Chronicles of Riddick," and "Lollipop Chainsaw." The game was inspired by classic survival action games such as "Resident Evil" and "Metroid," as well as newer games like "Dark Souls" and "Bloodborne."

During development, the team focused on creating a challenging and engaging gameplay experience, with procedurally generated levels that would offer a unique experience with each play-through. The games cooperative multiplayer was also a key focus during development, with the team working to ensure that the co-op experience was seamless and enjoyable.

Overall, the development of "Remnant: From the Ashes" was focused on delivering a unique & challenging survival action shooter experience that would engage players and offer a fresh take on the post-apocalyptic genre.

Remnant: From the Ashes PC Game Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3GHz or AMD FX 6300 @ 3.5GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270
  • Storage: 50 GB available space

Please note that these requirements may change as the game is updated and new hardware becomes available. It's always a good idea to check the game's official website or the Steam store page for the latest information on system requirements.

Additionally, it's important to note that these requirements are the minimum needed to run the game. If you want to enjoy the game with higher graphics settings and smoother performance, you may need a more powerful system with a more powerful graphics card and a higher amount of RAM.

Remnant: From the Ashes PC Game
Size: 30 GB

MXGP 2019: The Official Motocross Videogame Download From Torrent

MXGP 2019: The Official Motocross Videogame is a motocross racing game developed and published by Milestone S.r.l. It was released in November 2019 for PC and other gaming platforms. The game features official tracks and riders from the 2019 season of the FIM Motocross World Championship and provides players with a realistic motocross racing experience.

MXGP 2019: The Official Motocross Videogame

The development of MXGP 2019 aimed to provide players with a realistic simulation of motocross racing, featuring official tracks and riders from the 2019 season of the FIM Motocross World Championship. The game features dynamic weather conditions and bike physics that affect the handling of the bikes, as well as a variety of game modes, including a career mode and multiplayer mode.

To ensure the authenticity of the motocross racing experience, the developers consulted with professional riders and used motion capture technology to accurately capture the movements of the riders.

The development of MXGP 2019 was aimed at fans of the sport and those looking for a challenging and immersive racing game. The game received positive reviews from critics and fans, with many praising its realistic simulation and challenging gameplay.


The gameplay of MXGP 2019: The Official Motocross Videogame revolves around racing on off-road circuits on motocross bikes. Players compete in events and races, navigating through challenging tracks filled with obstacles and jumps.

The game offers a realistic simulation of motocross racing, featuring dynamic weather conditions and bike physics that affect the handling of the bikes. Players can customize their bikes and equipment, and choose from a roster of official riders.

In addition to the racing mode, MXGP 2019 also includes a career mode where players create their own rider and progress through the ranks to become a motocross champion. There is also a multiplayer mode where players can compete against other players online.

Overall, the gameplay of MXGP 2019 is designed to provide players with a challenging and immersive motocross racing experience.

MXGP 2019: The Official Motocross Videogame is a motocross racing game for PC and other gaming platforms. To play the game, follow these steps:

Start the game: Open the game from your game library or game menu.

Select a mode: Choose from the various game modes, including Race, Career, and Multiplayer.

Customize your bike and rider: In the game's garage, you can customize your bike and rider's appearance, and choose from a roster of official riders.

Race: Once you have selected your bike and rider, it's time to race. Use the left joystick or arrow keys to control the bike's movement and the right joystick or buttons to perform tricks and stunts.

Finish the race: Try to finish the race in the best possible time and position. If you fall off your bike or make a mistake, you can restart the race.

Progress through the career mode: In the career mode, you can progress through the ranks and become a motocross champion. You'll need to complete events, earn money, and upgrade your bike and equipment to compete against better riders.

Play online: The multiplayer mode allows you to race against other players online. You can participate in races, tournaments, and special events.

Note: The controls may vary based on the platform you are playing on. Please refer to the game manual or in-game options for more information on the controls.

MXGP 2019: The Official Motocross Videogame minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3GHz or AMD FX-6300 @ 3.5GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB VRAM)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB available space

Note: These requirements may vary based on the platform and the specific version of the game you are playing. It's always best to consult the game manual or the publisher's website for the most up-to-date information on the system requirements.

MXGP 2019: The Official Motocross Videogame
Size: 5 GB

Madden NFL 20 PC Game Download From Torrent

Madden NFL 20 is a video game based on the National Football League (NFL), developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 2, 2019. The game features new gameplay mechanics, updated player ratings, and various game modes, including a story-driven campaign mode called "Face of the Franchise: QB1".

Madden NFL 20 PC Game Download

The game features new X-Factor abilities and Superstar X-Factors, which were added to provide a new level of strategy to the gameplay. The development team also worked on the new Face of the Franchise: QB1 mode, which provides a story-driven experience for players.

The development of Madden NFL 20 also involved close collaboration with the NFL and NFLPA to ensure that the game accurately represents the sport and its players. This included updating player ratings, adding new stadiums, and improving the overall presentation of the game.

Overall, the development of Madden NFL 20 was focused on providing a more authentic and immersive experience for players, while also making changes and improvements to the gameplay mechanics and features.


Madden NFL 20 gameplay features a mix of arcade and simulation-style football action. Players can control their favorite NFL teams and players in various game modes, including single games, seasons, and online multiplayer matches. The game features updated player ratings, new animations and mechanics, and improved player control, allowing for more realistic movements and interactions on the field. The "Face of the Franchise: QB1" mode allows players to create their own quarterback and guide them through the college football ranks and into the NFL, experiencing the ups and downs of a professional football career.

Madden NFL 20 features a number of gameplay mechanics and improvements:

Scenario Engine: Dynamic goals and challenges that drive player progression in Ultimate Team and Franchise mode. 

X-Factor Abilities: Unique abilities that impact gameplay and add strategy to decision-making on and off the field. 

Superstar X-Factor: A higher level of X-Factors for the biggest stars in the league, which can turn the tide of a game. 

Control the Ground and Air: A new control system for running and passing that provides more precision and control for the player. 

Signature Animations: Over 50 new signature animations, including celebrations, player equipment, and end zone dances. 

Face of the Franchise: QB1: A story-driven career mode where you create a college quarterback and lead them to the NFL. 

Ultimate Challenges: Daily and weekly challenges in Ultimate Team mode that offer rewards for completing specific objectives.

The game also features updated player ratings, new stadiums, and improved presentation for a more immersive experience.

Madden NFL 20 PC Game Minimum System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • Processor: Core i3-4350 or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Hard Drive Space: 50 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 or equivalent

These requirements are the minimum to run the game, but for optimal performance and a better player experience, it is recommended to have a PC that exceeds these requirements. This can include a faster processor, more RAM, and a higher-end video card.

Madden NFL 20 PC Game
Size: 33 GB

John Wick Hex PC Game Download From Torrent

John Wick Hex PC Game is a 2019 role-playing tactical video game. Bithell Games was developed and Good Shepherd Entertainment published this game established on the John Wick franchise. This game was released for Microsoft Windows & macOS on 8th October 2019. Later on 5 May 2020, the game was released PlayStation 4. Also, on 4th December 2020 released the game for the Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

John Wick Hex PC Game

The turn-based action/strategy game John Wick Hex puts you in the shoes of Keanu Reeves' stylish & indestructible killing machine, where a man who is always ready, willing, & more than capable to punch, shoot, kick, and fling his gunpoint to the heads of as many bad guys as it required to accomplish the bidding for the High level of Assassins.

There're some really cool ideas and a clever time-manipulation technician at the heart of this one that can make you feel like you're participating in carefully choreographed battle sequences directly out of the films. However, the game's mechanics aren't always reliable, the character animations are bad, and there isn't much variety across its seven somewhat repetitive levels.

The plot of this novel is well-connected to the John Wick films event, and fans will undoubtedly be pleased to see that Ian McShane & Lance Reddick will reprise their positions as Charon & Winston. Additionally, Troy Baker will join in the fun as Hex, a vengeful man who has a bloody dispute to settle. All of it is told through cutscenes reminiscent of a graphic novel that are placed between each of the levels of action-packed. Although they don't really do anything new or unexpected, the fact that actors from the films lend their votes to the story gives it an air of authenticity, & Austin Wintory's game score does an excellent job of establishing the right mood.

In comic book style, there are cutscenes and movie replays, John Wick's face is frozen in a committed, stoic glower that is in character but still appears stiff to Keanu Reeves. While Ian McShane & Lance Reddick reproduce their parts as Winston & Charon, Keanu himself must have been too occupied with Cyberpunk 2077 to emerge here, so he lets his weapons and fists speak for themselves. Instead, one of the best parts of John Wick Hex is the prequel story that Troy Baker tells about the power-hungry rebel assassin Hex. Most of the time, the dialogue is more useful than in the movies, & the score by Austin Wintory arranges a strong tone.

There are definitely times when you have to fight your way via the linear sequence of levels. It's not turn-situated in the conventional feeling of the term: Instead, whenever you finish a move or activity on the map based on the hex, time stops or spot a new foe, giving you ample time to make a decision that would normally take a split second.

It's a really cool system in some cases: You can nearly always indicate how a battle will go by utilizing the timeline at the lid of the screen, which shows how elongated your next step will take in relation to the next efforts of all visible enemies. It feels great to successfully eliminate a group of 3 or 4 attackers operating a series of melee strikes, gunshots, and evasions. Even better is taking out the last person by shooting him with an empty gun, which is a quick attack with a prolonged effective coverage than a shotgun.

John Wick Hex PC Game

Size: 551 MB



Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince PC Game Download From Torrent

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince PC Game is a 2019 Puzzle video game. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One & Stadia. This is the 4th installment of the Trine series. Which features a retrieval of the series' 3 protagonists & medieval fantasy location.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince PC Game

This game purifies the gameplay of the earlier installments. Trine 4 is a 2D platformer game that focuses on physics puzzles. The capabilities available for solving puzzles contain conjuring boxes, hooking ropes to objects, & telekinesis.

In the Game, the player character within the game is, story-wise, 3 in one character. The player will rework into one of 3 characters at the same time:  Zoya the thief,  Pontius the knight, and Amadeus the wizard. Amadeus will conjure boxes, planks, and spheres. He will have the ability to move some objects. Zoya will affix ropes to things either to immobilize them, swing from them, or produce rope bridges. There she is additionally armed with a bow. In this game, Pontius features a defense with that he will deflect sure projectiles at different targets, T jump-stomp. In addition, Pontius is additionally armed with a brand.

Trine four sees the heroic trio of Zora the thief, Amadeus the Wizard, and Ser Pontius Knight reunite to trace down missing blue blood stricken by night terrors therefore vivid that they are available to live. Having free from the wizard's academy wherever he's equal elements student and science lab rat, the blue blood vanishes into an enormous witching forest, forcing heroes to trace him down in what basically amounts to a long about twelve-hour chase sequence.

For solving trio 4's several puzzles, these skills have to be compelled to be combined with incalculable totally different objects. Elevators, Scales, seesaws, rotating wheels, electrical currents, sticky snowbanks,  portals,  magnetic force fields, the list goes on. Where some puzzles have onerous solutions, whereas others enable you to basically build your own, erection a Meccano-like design out of boxes & floating planks, then attaching them in conjunction with ropes. the ability to puzzle Trine's toolset sometimes works against it. A few puzzles that involve reaching to the next vantage will basically be "skipped" by putting a plank on the upper platform & then grappling up to that. however in person, I've invariably likable the spongy frames of Trine's play, & there area unit over enough puzzles that need you to interact directly.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince PC Game

Size: 12 GB

Postal 4: No Regerts PC Game Download From Torrent

Postal 4: No Regerts PC Game is a 2022 1st-person shooter video game. Running with Scissors developed and published this game. They were responsible for the 1st two games in the game series Postal & Postal 2. The game was released on 14th October 2019 for the platform Microsoft Windows via Steam's Early Entry program. A decision was created to accumulate public allowance for the project & to involve the communication community within the game's development method. Running with Scissors has delineated the sport because the "true sequel" to communication a pair of, contrastive it with communication 2's unsuccessful sequel 2011 communication III, which was powerfully panned by critics & players. As of 2019, the sport is within the alpha step of its development, & most of its planned options have nevertheless to be enforced.

Postal 4 No Regerts PC Game

Set many years when the events of communication 2's second enlargement, Paradise Lost, the communication fashion plate and his pitbull hunting dog, Champ, transmigrate to the fictional city of Edensin, Arizona. On the approach there, the Dude's automotive is purloined, forcing him to require on many jobs to form ends meet within the unacquainted city, with the tip goal of obtaining his automotive back.

Postal four borrows several of its gameplay options from its forerunner, Postal 2. the sport is targeted around totally different "errands" that The communication fashion plate should complete daily, which embody being a jail guard, a sewer employee, an Associate in nursing a creature catcher on Monday, a spread of duties for a gang on Tuesday from "South of the Borderland", like border importing and turf tagging, operating for the city manager of Edensin on a weekday, together with a successor to the requisition trip from communication a pair of, operating for the native mafia on Th, with tasks together with testing prototypes for games Associate in Nursingd rigging an election, & dealing for the mysterious kingpin dominant Edensin on Friday, together with offensive Associate in a Nursing ancient temple, addressing a mercenary militia at the native mall, & plugging a barrier before a doomsday cult will use it to taint the town's installation. It conjointly returns the game series to a 1st-person perspective, which was eschewed by communication 3 in favor of the 3rd-person. Planned gameplay components embody extra weapons, facultative "side errands", totally different costumes for the fashion plate, and cooperative multiplayer.

Postal 4: No Regerts PC Game

Size: 21 GB

The Outer Worlds PC Game Download From Torrent

The Outer Worlds PC Game 2019 is an action role-playing video game. Obsidian Entertainment developed and Private Division published this game. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, in Oct 2019, with a Nintendo Switch version free in June 2020. the sport received usually favorable reviews gathered from critics.

The Outer Worlds PC Game

The Outer Worlds is an Associate in Nursing action role-playing computer game that includes a 1st-person perspective. within the early stages of the sport, the player will produce their own character & unlock a ship, that acts because of the game's central hub area. although the player cannot manage their ship directly, it is a quick travel purpose to access completely different areas within the game & acts because of the player's constant inventory area. The player will encounter & recruit non-characters as companions United Nations agency have their personal missions & stories. once incidental to the player, companions act as Associate in Nursing aid in combat. every companion has their individual skills & special attacks, and they can even develop their own ability specialization. once exploring, the player will point out to 2 companions aboard them whereas the remainder remains on the ship. The player will build varied dialogue choices which might influence the branching story of the game. they will additionally reply to NPCs in varied ways, like acting maniacally, moronically, or heroically.

During combat things, the player will use varied weapons sorts like battle royals and firearms, which have 3 ammunition types: lightweight, serious, and energy. Those weapons are bespoke to feature elemental harm. The player will use concealment or social skills for avoiding combat altogether. because the player progresses and they gain expertise points, which the player & their companions will use to level up & unlock new skills. You will develop your technical skills, and that area unit additional divided into 3 categories: Science, Engineering, and Medical. for example, the player will use a shrink ray for shrinking down the Associate in a Nursing enemy. 

The player is ready to take position points into those skills, which can unlock new perks which help to enhance combat potency. The player can even enter a "Tactical Time Dilation" state, that slows down time & divulges opponents' health statistics, and grants the player plan of action benefits. because the player leads companions, where they improve companions' combat strength & resilience. You can even gain a "flaw" that happens once you fail repeatedly in bound gameplay segments. Heer flaws impede you in a way, however additionally provide further perks and benefits.

The Outer Worlds PC Game

Size: 36 GB