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Darq: Complete Edition PC Game is a puzzle adventure video game. This game was developed by Unfold Games and published by Feardemic. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Darq Complete Edition PC Game Download

DARQ follows the tale of a youngster named Lloyd who winds up in an oneiric reality. As he goes through this clear dream, he turns out to be horrendously mindful that endeavors to escape are pointless, yet in addition that bad dreams creep into the world he navigates. As the player, you step in to direct Lloyd through a reality where conventional laws of material science don't matter. You should learn and adjust to the environmental elements where the main consistent is that you are being followed.

DARQ has a 94% positive score from clients more than Steam, a 70% positive score from evaluating over Metacritic, and gathered 12 among grants and selections, including however not restricted to "Best Adventure Game" and "Best Game Music" at Chainsaw Festival 2020, "Best Game Award" at MIX/PAX West 2018, and "42nd most shared PC round of 2019" on Metacritic.

Darq focuses on lowering you in a dreamscape and doesn't intricate much in the method of an origin story. There's no underlying title screen, even; all things considered, a rotting condo with a kid shuddering at the middle. This is Darq's hero, Lloyd. He's helpless before his oblivious psyche, frantic to awaken - however I just know even those couple of subtleties from examining Darq's true sight. The story is purposefully misty to imitate that "fluffy subtleties" feeling when you attempt to review a fantasy from memory - more musings and sentiments, less plot and piece - which works in support of its.

A large portion of my satisfaction in the story came from speculating with others regarding what everything implied, the sort of secret that powers a decent water cooler talk. While that uncertainty probably won't engage everybody, I cherished disguising every section; handling and estimating the importance behind them. For instance, while breaking down the set-dressing on one level, I saw there was a repetitive theme of actual sickness. An emergency unit can be heard signaling ceaselessly intermittently behind the scenes, while a few foes are wheelchair-bound and wiped out. Perhaps Lloyd is snoozing in a clinic? Who can say for sure? Everything I can say without a doubt is Darq's account is obscure without diving into the assumption, and I savored taking everything in for my own translation.

Darq: Complete Edition Minimum requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10, 64-bits
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-530
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • DirectX: 11
  • Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 4870
  • HDD Space: 3 GB

Darq: Complete Edition PC Game
Size: GB

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