3 Must-Play PvP Games for Anime Enthusiasts to Play in 2022

Super Mecha Champions is a free-to-play anime battle royale game. This game is considered a must-play PvP anime game thanks to its innovative game-play. Super Mecha Champions is an action shooter with mecha fighting set in the Neo-futuristic Alpha City.

Super Mecha Champions

The game can be best described as “Fortnite but with giant mecha robots.” It plays out similarly to any other Battle Royale on the market right now. However, in Super Mecha Champions, you can easily summon any of the ten nimble mecha with a single click, give it your own unique customization's in the form of skins and graffiti, and then lead it into battle.

Overall, Super Mecha Champions is an amazing PvP anime game that deserves more attention. It is available on a variety of platforms, including PC and mobile devices.

Super Mecha Champions Gameplay

Due to the nature of battle royale, the game is very intense. First, get some groundwork by playing this game. After that, you can save a lot of time by reading the Super Mecha Champions quality builds ordered by the tier list that are thoroughly created by the pros at Legendary or Alpha Knight ranks to get you on the right track.

Tower of Fantasy


 Tower of Fantasy

Hotta Studio's Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play, open-world action MMORPG. The game features a beautiful open world. It takes place in the far future on the alien planet "Aida," which has become tainted with a strange but strong radioactive energy known as Omnium.

Since Tower of Fantasy is a shared-world RPG, you can interact with other players on the server and challenge them to a duel. The PvP combats are quite fleshed out and work really well. Moreover, the game features many weapons and unique characters. All these elements make Tower of Fantasy a must-play PvP anime game.

Tower of Fantasy

All in all, Tower of Fantasy is really a great game. If the developers continue to push more updates and refine the game by adding more content. In that case, it can easily reach the same success as Genshin Impact.

Eternal Return

Eternal Return

I introduce this game to you because it's a little unique compared to other anime games in that it has the strongest RTS aspect among many existing anime games. However, a special feature of Eternal Return is that it's a camera (orthogonal) view from the sky, a bit like League of Legends. This method is especially found in RTS games, where various strategies and tactics are often applied, which isn’t common for many anime games.

There are only a few anime games with a strong RTS aspect, apart from this game and the Fire Emblem series, and also apart from some JRPGs. And this game is perhaps the only one anime game with RTS style as of 2022 September if we only consider competitive online anime games.

Eternal Return

As of September 2022, it's the largest number of players among all anime pvp games, and may be a very competitive anime battle royale game. About the playable modes, Team Death-match mode called Cobalt Protocol is provided, but the central popular content of the game is the Battle Royale mode, which provides three party sizes: single/duo/squad. About 20 players are paired up with 1-3 people each team, and survive to the top of the game to win. So this game is great for enjoying with 2-3 or more friends.

In order to win very well in this game, finding skilled players, the build you employ, and therefore the combination of characters with your allies (team compositions) are very important. To find the best working builds and team compositions with such a high winrate, or to seek out skilled players, you may want to check a forum which lists the quality Eternal Return builds ordered by tier list, during which each builds are thoroughly tested by many pros of Eternal Return. And also there's a team composition (aka. team comps) forum which provides you with an efficient working team composition of duo/squad size and its strategies. You will find yourself saving a huge amount of time by tracking the right path for practices.

The game is already opening an esports league in Korea, and the Developers are currently working hard to open such a league in North America as well.

It is a very active game with a lot of people, with new content and balance updated every 2~3 weeks.

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