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Madden NFL 20 is a video game based on the National Football League (NFL), developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 2, 2019. The game features new gameplay mechanics, updated player ratings, and various game modes, including a story-driven campaign mode called "Face of the Franchise: QB1".

Madden NFL 20 PC Game Download

The game features new X-Factor abilities and Superstar X-Factors, which were added to provide a new level of strategy to the gameplay. The development team also worked on the new Face of the Franchise: QB1 mode, which provides a story-driven experience for players.

The development of Madden NFL 20 also involved close collaboration with the NFL and NFLPA to ensure that the game accurately represents the sport and its players. This included updating player ratings, adding new stadiums, and improving the overall presentation of the game.

Overall, the development of Madden NFL 20 was focused on providing a more authentic and immersive experience for players, while also making changes and improvements to the gameplay mechanics and features.


Madden NFL 20 gameplay features a mix of arcade and simulation-style football action. Players can control their favorite NFL teams and players in various game modes, including single games, seasons, and online multiplayer matches. The game features updated player ratings, new animations and mechanics, and improved player control, allowing for more realistic movements and interactions on the field. The "Face of the Franchise: QB1" mode allows players to create their own quarterback and guide them through the college football ranks and into the NFL, experiencing the ups and downs of a professional football career.

Madden NFL 20 features a number of gameplay mechanics and improvements:

Scenario Engine: Dynamic goals and challenges that drive player progression in Ultimate Team and Franchise mode. 

X-Factor Abilities: Unique abilities that impact gameplay and add strategy to decision-making on and off the field. 

Superstar X-Factor: A higher level of X-Factors for the biggest stars in the league, which can turn the tide of a game. 

Control the Ground and Air: A new control system for running and passing that provides more precision and control for the player. 

Signature Animations: Over 50 new signature animations, including celebrations, player equipment, and end zone dances. 

Face of the Franchise: QB1: A story-driven career mode where you create a college quarterback and lead them to the NFL. 

Ultimate Challenges: Daily and weekly challenges in Ultimate Team mode that offer rewards for completing specific objectives.

The game also features updated player ratings, new stadiums, and improved presentation for a more immersive experience.

Madden NFL 20 PC Game Minimum System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • Processor: Core i3-4350 or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Hard Drive Space: 50 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 or equivalent

These requirements are the minimum to run the game, but for optimal performance and a better player experience, it is recommended to have a PC that exceeds these requirements. This can include a faster processor, more RAM, and a higher-end video card.

Madden NFL 20 PC Game
Size: 33 GB

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